vCloud Automation Center 6.0 now available.

A very much awaited announcement were released today by VMware, VMware vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) 6.0 is now general available. The release notes are available here so i only included, copied from the release notes, the headlines in the blog:

  • Improvements in Infrastructure as a Service
  • Unified Service Catalog for Infrastructure, Desktop, and Application Services
  • Puppet integration
  • Enhanced vSphere support
  • Improved Administration Capabilities
  • Enhancements to Application Deployment and Updates (formerly “Application Director”)
  • Extensibility to any IT Service
  • Integration with IT Business Management Standard Edition

One important improvement, requested by quite a few customers has been support for multi-tenancy. This feature is included in the “Improved Adminsitration Capabilities” and is defined according to this:

  • Improvements in multi-tenancy: vCloud Automation Center administrators can easily create multiple tenants with dedicated directory services, service catalog, and portal branding.

The vCloud Automation Center documentation can be found here and you can download the product here.

Happy automation:)