vCloud Director required RedHat packages challenge

When installing vCloud Director 5.1 the other day i ran in to one interesting challenge. It has nothing to do with the actual vCloud Director software, it was all about the vCloud Director prerequisites. The required RedHat packages are:
Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 19.53.47
The customer RedHat image did not include all the packages, the below packages were missing.

  •  libXdmcp
  •  libXi
  •  libXtst
  •  pciutils
  •  redhat-lsb

If i need to install the packages myself manually i usually mount the RedHat ISO according to:

  • mkdir /mnt/cdrom (optional – if the directory does not already exists)
  • mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

Then i install the required packages using the command:

  • rpm -i /mnt/cdrom/Packages/”package-name”

This was ok for 4 out of the 5 missing packes but the “redhat-lsb” package required a lot of dependencies. The Linux “yum” command, which stands for “Yellowdog Updater Modified”, is your friend when you need to install a package and the same time include the dependencies. Just use:

  • yum install “package-name”

I tried to install the redhat-lsb packages using the above command syntax but it failed. It turned out that the deployed RedHat image local yum repository configuration pointed to a remote installation source which was not accessible. I needed to configure a new yum repository file (dvd.repo) pointing to the locally mounted ISO. I added the below lines to the file /etc/yum.repos.d/dvd.repo
name=Red Hat

When finished i removed the old yum repo data using the command:

  • yum clean all

I also verified that the yum command actually found the newly created yum repo data by using the below command:

  •  yum repolist

Now the “yum install redhat-lsb” command worked as expected and i could continue with the vCloud Director installation.

Thanks to @thejyrg for helping me creating the dvd.repo file.

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