VMTurbo – a new VCDX56 sponsor

It is with great pleasure i announce that my blog has received yet another sponsor. VMTurbo has decided to see what a VCDX56 blog sponsorship can offer.

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VMTurbo provides a unique approach to controlling complex and virtual cloud environments by assuring application workloads have the resources they need to meet service levels, while ensuring that the infrastructure is being utilized as efficiently as possible. Rather than simply collecting thousands of metrics about the environment and alerting IT Operations when something goes awry, VMTurbo automates decision-making (and can automate actions, if enabled) for operational staff, reducing the time they invest in trial-and-error troubleshooting.
Download a Free 30 Day Trial (15 Minute Install) here.

By automating control to maintain the environment in the “desired state,” VMTurbo Operations Manager closes the loop in IT operations—the only solution in the market doing so today. The VMTurbo platform first launched in August 2010 and since that time more than 9,000 cloud service providers and enterprises worldwide have deployed the platform, including JP Morgan Chase, UBS, British Telecom, CSC, Colgate and the London School of Economics. Using VMTurbo, customers can greatly reduce costs and service disruptions.
Download a Free Whitepaper: The Free Market Economics of Your Data Center here