VMware vExpert 2014

The first of April VMware announced the list of VMware vExperts 2014.  I’m really pleased to announce that I was included in the list and can appoint myself as a VMware vExpert 2014. This is my second year with the program and i would like to thank all of you that contributes to the VMware community in any way since i think it’s a really great one. I often ask questions via twitter, find solutions for my problems in the VMware community and/or private blogs.


Off course a special thank you to Corey Romero, John Troyer and the rest of the VMware Social Media & Community Team that helped determine the VMware vExperts this year.

I waited a few days until i received the email from the VMware Social Media & Communication Team telling me i’m a VMware vExpert 2014 before i published this blog post. Just to make sure the announcement wasn’t a joke considering the announcement date, 1:st of April 🙂

The complete list of all VMware vExperts, no less than 754 individuals, for 2014 can be found here.

Congrats to all of us who was awarded vExpert for 2014 and i’ll do my best to keep up with you.
Also, thanks to all involved with the vExpert Program including e.g. John Troyer, Corey Romero