VMware vExpert 2015


Last year i saw the vExpert announcement the 1:st of April and decided to wait until i received the official email from VMware before publishing the VMware vExpert 2014 blog post:)

This year the announcement were made the 5:th of February at the official VMTN blog post which can be found here. I really glad and proud of bening included in the group of people awarded with the vExpert title for 2015. This is the third year i’m awarded and i’ll do my best to stay on this list and keep up with the rest of the group in terms of sharing content with the community.

2013 when i was first awarded with the vExpert title there was one announcement for the whole year, last year 2014 there was one vExpert announcement every 3 months and this year it will be two announcements. This means if you were not included in the first round you’ll get another chance to be awarded. Just fill in the application once more and continue to contribute to the community.

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I would like to send a big thank you to Corey Romero and the rest of the VMware Social Media & Community Team

Information from the VMTN blog post about the vExpert program:
“vExpert” is not a technical certification or even a general measure of VMware expertise. The judges selected people who were particularly engaged with their community and who had developed a substantial personal platform of influence in those communities. There were a lot of very smart, very accomplished people, even VCDXs, that weren’t named as vExpert this year.