VMware vRealize Automation 6.2.2

A few days back, 2015-06-09, VMware released an updated version, 6.2.2 to vRealize Automation (vRA) formerly known as vCloud Automation Center (vCAC). Yes i totally understand this is a very small update but there are two things i like to point out that i know some of my customer has asked for. The first one is really good since it lowers the operational impact by offering more flexibility.

  • If a vSphere reservation is configured to provision machines to individual datastores in an SDRS cluster, you can change the storage selection in the reservation to use the cluster rather than the member datastores without recreating the reservation. After the reservation is updated, existing machines are associated with the cluster instead of the individual datastore
  • The custom property, VirtualMachine.NetworkN.ProfileName, can be applied at the reservation level in addition to the blueprint level.
  • You don’t need to make sure the vRA Appliance and vRA Identity Appliance root password is 364 days or never before upgrading.
  • Multiple hosts with the same name are supported.

The release notes can be found here, you can download the software update here and the really important support matrix can be found here.