vSphere 6.0 blog – Configuration maximums

Just a very short blog post with some of the vSphere 6.0 maximums.

Most of my customers does not even comeΒ close to the vSphere 5.5 configuration maximums but a few of them were pretty close considering they run some pretty intensive workloads and large cloud environments.
One thing that has been discussed as a potential limitation and that has actually been a limitation a few times are the number of ESXi hosts per cluster so by increasing that number from 32 to 64 is something quite a few of my customers can take advantage from.

Also the new FT feature will be used a lot for many of my customers for protecting e.g. vCenter Server.

Metric vSphere 6.0
ESXi Host – Logical CPUs 480
ESXi Host – NUMA nodes 16
ESXi Host – Virtual CPUs 2 048 (Don’t know if the official PDF includes a typo since this was 4 096 in vSphere 5.5)
ESXi Host – Virtual CPUs per core 32 (based on performance required)
ESXi Host – RAM 6-12 TB (12 TB depending on partner)
ESXi Host – VMs 1Β 024
ESXi Host – FT Protected VMs 4 VMs or 8 vCPUs (whichever limit is reached first)
vCenter Server – ESXi Hosts 1 000
vCenter Server – ESXi hosts per Datacenter 500
vCenter Server – Powered on VMs 10 000
vCenter Server – Registered VMs 15 000
vCenter Server Content Library – Total items per VC (across all libraries) of vCenter Servers 200
vCenter Server Content Library – Total number of libraries per VC 20
vCenter Server Platform Service Controller (PSC) – Maximum PSCs per vSphere Domain 8
vCenter Server Platform Service Controller (PSC) – Maximum PSCs per site, behind a load balancer 4
vCenter Server Linked mode – Number of vCenter Servers 10
vCenter Server Linked mode – Number of ESXi hosts in linked mode vCenter Servers 4 000
vCenter Server Linked mode – Powered on VMs 30 000
vCenter Server Linked mode – Registered VMs 50 000
vSphere Cluster – Max ESXi hosts 64
vSphere Cluster – Number of VMs 8 000 (6 000 when using VSAN)
vSphere Cluster – Number of Powered On VM configuration files 2 048 (A FT protected VM counts for 2 VM configuration files)
vSphere Cluster – FT protected VMs 98
vSphere Cluster – FT VM vCPUs 256
VM – Virtual CPUs 128
VM – Virtual RAM 4 TB
VM – VMDK size 62 TB
VM – vNICs 10
VM – SCSI Controllers 4
VM – SCSI targets 60
VM – SATA Adapters 4
VM – SATA devices per SATA adapter 30
VM – Number of vCPUs for FT protected VM 4
VM – RAM per FT protected VM 64 GB
VM – Disks per FT protected VM 16

The official VMware vSphere 6.0 configuration maximum PDF can be downloaded here.

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