WordPress – Change Back To Classic Editor View

Yes I did freak out when I first saw the new WordPress Block Editor and it’s still not my best friend. Having a hard time to organise and understand when and how to use all the different blocks available. Looks pretty much like the below figure when I try to write a blog post these days:)

Luckily there is a plugin available that will bring back the good old Classic Editor and guess what the name is — Classic Editor. This Plugin has over 1 Million Active Installations so I’m apparently not the only one looking to bring back the classic editor mode.

Just follow the below steps and you have the Classic Editor back in just a few clicks – Not quite 1-Click but almost:)

  1. Go to Plugins section
  2. Search for Classic Editor
  3. Click Install Now
  4. Click Activate
  5. When done, locate the plugin and click Settings
  6. Do whatever changes you want, I want the Classic Editor to be the default editor, to the plugin and click Save Changes

That’s it, next time you want to create a new blog post you’ll end up in the good old Classic Editor mode—-YES

There is an option to switch back to Block Editor for each blog post if you want, just click the “Switch to Block Editor” link on the right hand side.

And finally, when you go to the Posts section you’ll have two options when you wanna start edit an existing blog post.


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