10 years as a blogger

Today, 2023-03-13, it was exactly 10 years ago since i published my First blog post at this blog ,or actually the first one with real content was Error deploying vCNS Manager, which back then was called vcdx56.com

During this time i have posted 932 blog post which is more than the one blog post per week goal i defined when i started. The blog runs with a very old blog site theme which i have been in the process of upgrading the last two years. Some things seems to never happen, right 🙂

Still working full time with Nutanix Database Service (NDB) which i have described many times over the years as “NDB is for DBAs what HCI was to infra admins”. However, one major difference between Nutanix AOS (HCI) and NDB is that NDB many times is consumed via its API rather than the UI. Reason being the customers include NDB in a larger service offering which could be either a DBaaS or a service where DBaaS is part of the overall solution.

Thanks to everyone reading my blog posts, mention them in social media and to my blog sponsors.