AHV Best Practices Guide Version 4.1 Released

As you might know there are a few new AOS and AHV versions released since the last AHV Best Practices Guide (BPG) were released. Newest AOS releases are 5.6 and 5.5.2 depending on what release track you have chosen.

The Updated AHV BPG still covers the following areas:

  • Nutanix Acropolis Architecture
  • AHV Networking Overview
  • Networking
  • Virtual Machine High Availability
  • Acropolis Dynamic Scheduler
  • VM Deployment
  • Nutanix Guest Tools
  • VM Data Protection
  • Hypervisor Mobility and Conversion
  • Live Migration
  • CPU Configuration
  • Memory
  • Hotplug CPU and Memory
  • AHV Turbo Technology
  • Disks
  • Resource Oversubscription
  • Hugepages

Download the new AHV BPG here or if you have a Nutanix Support Portal Account you can access it here.