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vCloud Director thin provisioning & storage allocation per allocation model

I have run into several discussions lately regarding the thin provisioning option, storage over subscription and the storage allocation per Organization virtual datacenter (Org vDC) in vCloud Director (vCD). This is my way of clarifying what to expect from the different options and rule out potential missunderstandings. You activate the thin provisioning option when you …

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vCloud Director binary has invalid MD5 checksums

When installing vCloud Director the other day i ran into a strange problem. After uploading (using pscp.exe from a Windows based PC) the vCloud Directory binary file to the vCD cell /tmp directory i run the command: ./vmware-vcloud-director-5.1.1-868405.bin The output usually tells me there are some missing RedHat packages but not this time. I received …

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vCloud Director required RedHat packages challenge

When installing vCloud Director 5.1 the other day i ran in to one interesting challenge. It has nothing to do with the actual vCloud Director software, it was all about the vCloud Director prerequisites. The required RedHat packages are: The customer RedHat image did not include all the packages, the below packages were missing.  libXdmcp  libXi …

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vSphere cluster resource pool configuration script

This blog will include the technical aspect (the script) which i mentioned in the blog post vCloud Director implementation for small businesses Input parameters: 4 vSphere cluster resource pools exists at the vSphere cluster root level SLA-Gold with priority value 10 SLA-Silver with priority value 5 SLA-Bronze with priority value 3 SLA-vCloud with priority value …

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vCloud Director implementation for small businesses

So this will be the first blog post where i discuss an architectural challenge. Several vCloud Director implementations i have conducted in Sweden lately has been for small businesses or at least including small virtual environments. Some of the customer requirements included in my last project were: 4 ESXi hosts available. Run vCloud Director based …

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vCloud Director cell – change network adapter

During service maintenance this week i had to change one of the vNICs for a vCD 5.1 cell (Red Hat Enterprise Server 6.2) to make all 3 vNICs using the same adapter type for consistency purposes. For each cell we are using 3 vNIC where: Network Adapter 1 is connected to a management VLAN for …

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