ESXi Change Block Tracking patch released

Yesterday, 2015-11-25, VMware released a patch that will solve the ESXi 6.0 Change Block Tracking (CBT) problem where virtual machines backed up using CBT could experience the following problems:

  • Inconsistent virtual machine backups
  • The CBT API call QueryDiskChangedAreas() API call can sometimes return incorrect changed sectors, which results in inconsistent incremental virtual machine backups.

The CBT problem is described in the following VMware KB2136854.

Read more about the patch here and download it via  and the patch can be this link

  • Select ESXi (Embedded and Installable) and Enter Bulletin Number = ESXi600-201511401-BG
    Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 08.10.31Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 08.10.41

Another CBT related blog post can be found here.