Find Last Times Your MacBook Was Rebooted

So lately i have had some problems with my MacBook which has caused it to be either automatically restarted or in a state where i have had to manually restart it via Restart option or just pressing the power button.

While doing some investigation i had to list when the MacBook was restarted to see if i could find a pattern.

I didn’t know that the traditional Linux last command was available in macOS so that helped me quite a bit.

To use the last command, just open a terminal (iTerm in my case) and go to /directory Applications/Utilities. From there just run last reboot and you’ll get the information about when your MacBook was restarted.

magander@macbook01 Utilities % last reboot
reboot ~ Wed Aug 5 06:49
reboot ~ Sun Aug 2 06:57
reboot ~ Sat Aug 1 21:22
reboot ~ Tue Jul 28 18:30
reboot ~ Fri Jul 24 06:52
reboot ~ Thu Jul 23 20:55
reboot ~ Thu Jul 16 13:08

Pretty useful.