Heads up! Quiescing operations cause a Windows virtual machine to panic

I usually don’t create blog post with bug related information but i think VMware KB 2115997, Quiescing operations cause a Windows virtual machine to panic with a Stop 24 error on ntfs.sys, updated July 9 2015 is something that i need to share. I have been contacted a few times over the past weeks in regards of this issue.
When you take a snapshot of a virtual machine you might see the following:

  • Snapshot operation fails
  • The virtual machine (VM) panic with the following information:
    • A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer

The problem affects the ESXi 5.x (5.0.x , 5.1.x and 5.5.x) and ESXi 6.0.x when the VM runs one of the following VMware tools versions:

  • 8.6.15
  • 9.0.15
  • 9.4.11
  • 9.10.0
  • 9.4.12

There is locally a patch available for ESXi 6.0.x, ESXi600-201507403-BG, which you can read about here.

Unfortunately there is no patch available for 5.x but there are a few workarounds

  • Install a VMware tools version that is not affected
  • Disable snapshot quiescing for your VMs
  • Don’t select “Quiesce guest file system” when manually taking VM snapshot(s)

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