Meet NPX 003 – Jonathan Kohler

  • Name: Jonathan Kohler
  • NPX Number: 003
  • Employer: Nutanix
  • Blog URL: vdoogle.wordpress.com
  • Twitter: @JonKohler
  • Virtualisation background: Health Care – Mission/Life Critical app BCA virtualization, and DC/Infra consulting.
  • Storage Background: Multi-PB EMC environments, NetApp, EqualLogic
  • Hyper Converged Infrastructure background: Nutanix XCP
  • Future of HCI and other emerging technologies: Good question, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do predict that nothing will ever slow down. The pace of innovation in HCI and beyond is break neck speed.
  • Value of NPX: NPX presents technologists from all walks of life the ability to sharpen their Enterprise Architecture skills in at least two different product (hypervisor) families. This is HUGE, as forcing a two product stack “X Level” really rounds out the foundational knowledge, and sharpens two points instead of one.
  • What made you go for NPX: I love tough challenges.
  • Advise to people looking into the NPX track: Start early, and study often. Get hands on experience. Ask others to challenge you. Treat EVERY project you do like an “X Level” project, regardless of its actual scope.