Initial Citrix ADC VPX Configuration

This is the third blog post about my work with Citrix ADC VPX which, as mentioned before, will be used as a Web Server Load Balancer.

All blog posts in this series includes:

Now it’s time to do the initial configuration needed to be able to use the Citrix ADC virtual appliance (VA) as a load balancer. Just three step required so it’s a quick setup.

After you have logged in to the VA as user nsroot and with password nsroot (in my case) you need to:

  1. Specify a Subnet IP Address. and you do that by clicking “Subnet IP Address” in the UI
    1. Provide an additional IP address for the Citrix ADC VA which will be used to connect to the back end system it manages e.g. doing health checks for the Web Servers.
    2. Click Done and you’re back to the Initial configuration screen.
  2. Now configure “Host Name, DNS IP address and TimeZone” by clicking the same text in the UI.
    1. Provide information which applies to your environment.
    2. Click Done and the initial screen looks pretty good (4 Green tick boxes) now.
    3. The below pop up will appear and click Yes to reboot the Citrix ADC VA.
  3. When logging back in to the Citrix ADC VA you need to enable the Load Balancing feature.
    1. Click Configuration -> System -> Settings -> Configure Basic Features
    2. Mark the check box “Load Balancing” and click OK</li>
    3. Click the Save button to the right (under the Gear icon)

Now we’re ready to configure some load balancing services.