July 2016 VCDX56 sponsor blog by Systancia

This blog post i delivered by my blog sponsor Systancia who presents a success story from one of their clients, Picoty.


Unquestionably, Systancia offers a quality of service and ease of use that we did not always have with our previous provider, particularly in management, processing impressions and responsiveness.
We have also appreciated their economic approach and their capacity to transform a virtualization project into a concrete reality, appreciated by the IT department and the end users.M. Gallaccio
IT director, Gamac/Picoty
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  • Simplify the access, use and update of applications


  • Using┬áSystancia AppliDis Fusion


  • Optimized deployment of applications
  • Easy management of printing
  • Opening towards a Private cloud

The Need

Within the framework of an extensive project designed to successfully evolve its information system and, more particularly, to redefine its process of application publi- cation, the group Picoty, accompanied by computer company Gamac, a 100% subsidiary of the Group, decided to change virtualization solution.

Indeed, the existing solution historically set in place, no longer met the requirements of the group. According to Mr Gallaccio, CIO Gamac / Picoty, this solution was too expensive and required daily attention to be fully operational.

The extent of the project consisted of centralising and publishing the management solutions (two of which Divalto, ERP) and various applications such as email. Everything on the device should be centralized within Gamac, which is responsible for the proper functioning and development of the IS group and its subsidiaries.

The Solution

After having consulted the different vendors in this market, AppliDis Fusion of Systancia was selected for its ability to quickly replace the existing solution and for its ease of use.

A virtualization solution combining both application and desktop delivery, AppliDis Fusion is based on the market standards, allowing access to the group appli- cations in remote mode, personalized and secure from all types of devices (fixed and mobile).

Picoty was thus able to optimize access to information for all of its employees and administrative operators.

Easy integration of the solution

The Head of the IT Department of Gamac/Picoty wished to migrate to a new solution without having to redesign or replace their infrastructure. Thanks to the ease of integration of AppliDis Fusion, it was able to deploy the entirety of its applications to its employees quickly and without touching its existing infrastructure.

Optimizing access to applications

AppliDis Fusion allows access to applications in remote mode from any site. Picoty users, operators and administrative staff can thus easily and transparently access their applications from a single web portal.

Management of printing

The treatment of printing on the different sites of the group was one of the most important technical problems. Thanks to the universal printing module of the AppliDis Fusion solution, Picoty users can now manage their printing easily across the park (heterogeneous material).


The investments made in recent years by Gamac, on behalf of the Picoty group which include the establishment of a “private cloud” for users of all subsidiaries.

With the establishment of the AppliDis Fusion solution, the Picoty group benefits from a tailored infrastructure which allows it to develop its projects quickly, while controlling the tool.