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How to improve endpoints management and meet expectation of above 20,000 users

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust is one the largest Trust in the United Kingdom and the biggest employer in Northern Ireland, providing integrated health and social care to over 340,000 people and employing more than 22,000 staff.

Belfast Trust was struggling with merging six different server farms under a single Citrix VDI environment, efficient management of 10,000 endpoints and meeting expectations of above 20,000 users’ expectations.

Due to the limited functionality of the previously installed thin clients it was necessary to keep some PCs using local applications, even though Belfast Trust wanted 100% deployment of thin clients to the satellite sites. Additionally, the Trust was left for over two years without a quality management tool which was a highly uncomfortable situation as a single point of administration and scalability are essential factors in a large scale deployments and one of the biggest advantages of thin clients.

At that time it was clear that Belfast Trust needed devices which could meet the various expectations of its 20,000 plus users. As the end user’s workload evolved it was clear that a more sophisticated thin client was required to fulfil all the needs that they were experiencing on a daily basis”, said Jerry O’Hara Belfast Trust IT Consultant & Solutions Architect from Novosco.

Praim is an Italian manufacturer of thin clients and centralised management software. The company entered the UK in 2012 with significant success in the public sector. Following the successful implementation of more than 3,000 thin client units at St Georges University Hospitals NHS Trust, Praim’s expertise in the healthcare sector has expanded reaching, among others, Belfast Trust.

Belfast Trust initiated the replacement process by deploying the Praim units into their biggest satellite sites, which had approximately 300 devices. By the Autumn of 2016, 600 Praim thin clients had already been deployed using the Praim ThinMan management software. Implementation of Praim ThinMan management console that automates operations on thin clients and PCs as well as allows remote assistance brought manageability and control. Additionally, thanks to the central management and automate updates and operational tasks workload for the helpdesk dramatically decreased.

With Praim, we are now confident to expand the thin client estate into other areas of the hospital, providing the best user experience to the Trust staff and a reliable, cutting edge single point of management (ThinMan console) to our administrators”, said O’Hara.

Introduction of Caradigm SSO and Follow-Me Desktop solved the problem with slow logons while considerably improving workflow and user experience. Caradigm’s IAM Transformation Director, Colin Wicks, said that “Single Sign On provides a quick win but the icing on the cake is the Context Management feature which ensures that every application which has been opened on the desktop is synchronised to the same patient. Not only does this improve access times but it also eliminates unnecessary mistakes by helping to ensure that the clinical user is always viewing or updating data for the same patient in the different applications”.

The deployment of the first devices started in August 2016 and already after few months the Trust could track and actualise the first positive results. “The deployment of Praim solutions integrated with Caradigm and implemented by Novosco has realised some great benefits across the organisation, from saving care workers valuable time when accessing desktop services to reducing the management burden for support staff“, said Phil Leighton, Technical Design Authority, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.