Turbonomic Version 5.9 Released

Yesterday, the national day of Sweden 2017-06-06, Turbonimic released a new version of their Hybrid Cloud Management Platform meaning the latest and greatest version is now 5.9. This could as well has been a full release and not just a dot release based on the new capabilities.

Now you got a single pane of glass to control all your application/services running both on (Private Cloud) and off (AWS & Azure) premise in real time meaning providing both proactive and reactive opportunities for your entire hybrid cloud solution.

Some of the enhancements for AWS and Microsoft Azure includes:

  • Monitor & Control Public Cloud Workloads which includes things like:
    • Making sure the application gets the required resources when they need the required resources by adding resources before X happens, when an unexpected Y has happened and also limit the application resources when needed. All this together will make sure the application deliver the expected performance as cost effective as possible.
    • Place the applications where they are allowed to run based on e.g.:
      • Your companies specific rules and regulations including e.g.
        • Data placement such On vs Off premise
        • Licensing
        • Workload/Applicaiton anti-affinity requirements.
  • Migrate to AWS & Azure using new or enhanced capabilities such as workload placement & scaling in addition to the new migration planning. This will help you migrate to public cloud on time and on or even better under budget.
  • AWS & Azure budget control & coast forecasting which will make it easier to lower the total cost of the public cloud offerings.

    Red line is budget and Blue line is cost.

Read more about the latest release here, download a free trial version of the software here or why not download and try out Turbonimic Free Virtualisation Monitoring

With all the new capabilities added to the 5.9 release Turbonomic shows that they have taken another huge step in the direction of being a central player in the hybrid cloud space bringing  they are committed to