Nutanix AHV Turbo For Windows Guests Operating Systems

As most of you know Nutanix introduced a component/feature/technique called AHV Turbo to further improve storage performance for virtual machines (VMs) when using the Nutanix AHV hypervisor. The initial release, about two years ago, provided the AHV Turbo feature from both the hypervisor and the VM perspective where Linux based VMs were able to take advantage of AHV Turbo from the VM guest OS perspective.

Read more about AHV Turbo in the Nutanix AHV Best Practices Guide or via Josh Odgers blog post about AHV Turbo.

Since yearly this year, Feb 2019, AHV Turbo is also available for Windows based guest operating systems via Nutanix virtIO 1.1.4 which introduces a multiqueue implementation for SCSI I/O operations. No Windows configuration required after virtIO 1.1.4. is installed. With virtIO 1.1.4 you might get increased performance but it is completely up to how the VM and its application works/the VM behaviour/characteristics. As mentioned previously, AHV Turbo from hypervisor layer has been available for Windows based guest OS:es since initial release.

Reason for publishing this quite old information is that I have received questions about AHV Turbo and Windows based OS:es twice this week.

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