Nutanix AHV Version 20160925.71 Released


Updated 9/8 – New Metadata JSON file available via Nutanix Portal 

Two days ago, 2017-07-18, Nutanix released a new version of its hypervisor AHV. The latest and greatest version is now 20160925.71.  Acropolis Operating System (AOS) formerly known as Nutanix Operating System (NOS) version is required to run AHV 20160925.71.

There are quite a few improvements included in this release e.g.:

  • Memory management for VMs with UEFI enabled
  • Improved functionality and error message when importing ESXi based VMs
  • Improved Live Migration process
  • Security updates

The entire release notes can be found here and AHV can be downloaded here.

The release notes includes information about supported browsers for running the VM console functionality and right now the supported browsers are:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Mozilla Firefox version 38 or later

As usually, check the Nutanix Compatibility Matrix to make sure AHV, AOS and Model is compatible before performing an upgrade.