Nutanix AOS 5.20.1 & AHV 20201105.2096 Released

Yesterday, 2021-07-21, a maintenance release to the latest long term support (LTS) version of AOS, 5.20, was released meaning the latest LTS release is now 5.20.1. As with 5.20 the 5.20.1 release includes the features included in AOS STS (Short Term Support) 5.19, 5.19.1 and 5.19.2 plus additional improvements.

Read more about difference between LTS & STS here. AOS 5.20.1 comes with AHV version 7.2.2 build 20201105.2096 and can be managed with any of the following Prism Central versions:

  • pc.2021.5.0.1
  • pc.2021.5
  • pc.2021.3.0.2
  • pc.2021.3.0.1
  • pc.2021.3

AOS 5.20.1 includes features, fixes and updates in the following areas:

  • AHV-Management
  • AHV-Upgrade
  • Data Protection
  • Flow
  • Infrastructure / Services
  • Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT)
  • Pulse / Insights
  • Security-AHV
  • Security-AOS
  • Stargate
  • Zookeeper

As usual check Nutanix Software End Of Life document on a regular basis to keep you up to date.

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Enjoy the new version and its capabilities..

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