Runecast Analyzer v5.1 Released

Been a little bit over three months since Runecast released its 5.0 version and a few days ago the first corresponding dot release was made available meaning the latest Runecast version is now 5.1.

This is really good news for all of you out there running VMware vSphere on Nutanix since best practices validation for Nutanix AOS is included 👍👍👍👍

Picture borrowed from the official Runecast web page

Apart from the Nutanix best practices validation, which was actually included in Runecast 5.0.3 version the 5.1 release comes with two major new features:

  • Configuration Vault – A good way of making sure your environment is configured not only correctly but also the same way across the board is critical to being able to deliver the availability, performance and security as expected by the organization. Configuration vault makes it possible to perform a point-in-time, not having to trust existing documentation or old reports, comparison between the objects.
  • Remediation – If you’re in automation and orchestration like myself this is really good stuff. For some findings there is a nice purple R button next to it which means there are pre-defined remediate actions available to fix the problem for you. The downloadable remediation actions are generated as an Ansible playbook and also in one of the following scripting languages:
    • AWS CLI for AWS
    • Azure CLI for Aure
    • PowerCLI for VMware

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