Nutanix AOS & Prism Central Version 5.8.2 And Much More Released

Today, 2018-08-05, Nutanix released this month AOS version for the short term supported version of Acropolis Operating System (AOS) meaning the highest available release out there is AOS 5.8.2.

Below is an important statement from the official Nutanix web site which you can find here.

Important: 5.8.2 is a new AOS Feature Short term Support (STS) Release, which is not Long Term Supported (LTS). If you upgrade to this version, the support will only be for 6 months after the Release Date, within which period you will have to upgrade to the next feature release. If you are interested only in bug fixes and not new features, please do not upgrade to this release. The latest available LTS release on the portal is 5.5.5 and and the next planned LTS maintenance release is 5.5.6. Please refer to KB#5505 for an explanation and how it differs from a Long Term Supported (LTS) Release.

In addition to AOS 5.8.2 Nutanix also released Prism Central 5.8.2, Life Cycle Manager 2.0, AHV 20170830.166 and Acropolis File Services (AFS) / Nutanix Files 3.1.0

Following components/services have been modified/updated to this release:

  • AHV-Management
  • Acropolis File Services /Nutanix Files – Supporting 1 File Services VM deployment
  • Arithmos
  • API Infra
  • Cerebro
  • Infrastructure / Services
  • LCM
  • Licensing
  • Prism Gateway
  • Prism UI
  • Pulse / Insights
  • Security
  • Stargate
  • Uhura

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Have fun with all the new good stuff in the latest releases.