Nutanix AOS & Prism Central Version 5.9 And More Released

Yesterday, 2018-10-03, Nutanix released a new version of AOS meaning the latest version is 5.9. The 5.9 release is a Short Term Support (STS) release and will follow the previous mentioned rules for STS. The other release train of AOS is Long Term Support (LTS) with AOS 5.5.6 as the most recent release.

AOS 5.9 comes with some pretty good new stuff including:

  • Support for VMware ESXi 6.7
  • Rack Fault Tolerance
  • Support for NVIDIA Tesla V100 16 GB GPU
  • RDMA for Nutanix NX G6 Platforms. With two RDMA-enabled NICs per node installed, the following platforms support RDMA:
    • NX-3060-G6
    • NX-3155G-G6
    • NX-3170-G6
    • NX-8035-G6
    • NX-8155-G6
  • NGT Management in Prism Central. You can select multiple virtual machines in Prism Central and perform the following NGT related operations:
    • Install
    • Manage
    • Upgrade
  • Linux Guest Clustering for Nutanix Volumes
  • Background Encryption
  • Metro Support for Hyper-V
  • Recursive Directory Search Option. Both recursive and non recursive are supported.

Prism Central 5.9 was also released and it comes with quite a few new features as well e.g.:

  • Calm support for Azure
  • Linux Powershell Gateway meaning no need for an extra Windows VM running the Karan service.
  • Expanded Resource Planning Capabilities

In addition to all the above mentioned GA features Nutanix also released a tech preview for Karbon which is released as version 0.8. Karbon is a web based console for deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters using Linux containers. – – – – Do not use tech preview features/services in production systems – – – –

So a quite impressive release when it comes to new features.

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Have fun with all the new good stuff in the latest releases.