vCloud Director 9.5 Released

About one month ago I wrote about the VMware vCloud Director 9.5 announcement here and today, 2018-10-04, it was officially released.

Two things I didn’t mentioned in the release announcement, since I didn’t have any information, were:

  1. vCloud Director deployment models. I did mention that it will be changes but not what changes. There are now two vCloud Director Appliance (cell) deployment models with version 9.5. 
    1. Either you use the traditional way meaning installing the binary in a Linux VM running any of the below supported operating systems:
      1. CentOS 6
      2. CentOS 7
      3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
      4. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
    2. Deploying an OVA which is built with the Photon 2.0 operating system. The following pre-reqs applies to the OVA vCloud Director appliance:
      1. External DB exists.
      2. NFS server with the required export configuration.
  2. Tenants can configure Virtual Machine Affinity and Anti-affinity rules via the HTML5 UI. This is good from an ongoing administration perspective since the tenants can take care of this instead of having to contact the service provider for rule creation.

No need to repeat the announcement blog so just presenting the areas with new functionality:

  • Fully Functional HTML5 Tenant Portal
  • Cross-OrgVDC and Multi-Site Cross-VDC Networking
  • Initial Support for NSX-T
  • Enhanced Role Base Access Control (RBAC)
  • vCloud Director Appliance
  • IPv6 Support for Guest VMs
  • Updated Plugin for vRealize Orchestrator
  • API and SDK Enhancements
  • Container Service Extension (CSE) 1.2

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