Nutanix Calm Update Via LCM

Quick blog post that will cover updating Nutanix Calm via the Nutanix component Life Cycle Manager (LCM) which is available in both Prism Element (PE), the Nutanix Cluster, and via Prism Central (PC). Since Calm belongs to Prism Central we can obviously not upgrade it via PE and must use PC which most of the customer I’m working with is using no matter if they use Calm or not.

Calm versioning is separate from AOS and PC meaning the update cycle is also separated from AOS and PC. However, it is really easy to update Calm using LCM. Just follow the below steps when you want to upgrade Calm to a new release. In the below steps I’ll upgrade Calm to version


  1. Log in to PC РClick the Ger Icon in the user right corner,  Select Settings & click Life Cycle Management
  2. Click the Options drop down list
  3. Select Perform Inventory and sit back and relax for a few moments
  4. When the Inventory process is completed, Click Edit in the PC area/widget
  5. Select both Calm & Epsilon (two separate containers but they are both needed to deliver the Calm service) and click Save Selection
  6. Now click the Options drop down list again but select Update Selected this time. Again sit back & relax for a few moments while LCM does its thing.

  7. When upgrade is completed the new Calm version is shown in LCM.
  8. If you want you can go to Calm and select the question mark at the bottom left corner and you’ll get version information

This is how simple upgrading the VM and Application lifecycle automation and orchestration layer, Calm, for Nutanix is.

Happy Calm:ing