Nutanix Calm Version 2.9 Released

A new version of Nutanix Cloud Application Lifecycle Management (Calm) software was released today, 6:th of November 2019) leading us up to the newest version being  2.9.

Version 2.9 comes quite a few new enhancements and features where one of the most requested one I have seen in the field is multi Prism Central (PC) support. Now you can connect a singe Calm instance running on e.g. PC1 to PC2, PC3 and so on. Calm does not need to be installed on the remote PCs, PC2 and PC3 in my example. It just has to run on the local PC, PC1 in my example.  This is really good and gives you an additional dimension of flexibility when it comes to provision and managing workloads across your infrastructure.

Other new features:

    • Quick Blueprint Launch – Application blueprint launch and provision without configuring a project or provider.
    • Nutanix Karbon can now be used as a provider.
    • Package Install or Uninstall Scripts for Single VM Blueprints – This was only available in Multi VM/Pod Blueprint before.
    • Snapshot and Application Clone in AWS and VMware target providers
    • Delete a Project from CALM
    • Kubernetes YAML support
    • A Welcome to Guided Tour for new users which includes new features

Calm 2.9 is supported by PC 5.11.1 and above, where above does not yet exists today 🙂

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