Nutanix Calm Version 3.0 Released

A new version of Nutanix Cloud Application Lifecycle Management (Calm) software was released today, 8:th of June 2020….

Version 3.0 comes with 9 new features and a lot of enhancements to existing features. My top one new feature is:

  • Calm Runbooks – Can automate stuff without the need of an application and or blueprint.

Apart from the above mentioned one the following new features are included in Calm 3.0.

  • Nutanix Xi As a Provider
  • AHV Image creation via VM application.
  • Blueprint Tasks Endpoints support
  • Support for PowerShell and Shell tasks in Pre-create Tasks
  • Seed Calm Task Library from Github
  • Custom Logo for Marketplace View
  • Update the credentials, tasks, and actions of running single VM applications and associated actions.
  • Support for Application Update for Single VM App on AWS platform

Calm 3.0 is supported from Prism Central 5.17.x and can be upgraded via LCM. I just did and it was as usual super easy:)

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