Nutanix AOS 5.15.1 + More Released

Today, 2020-06-08, Nutanix released a new long term support (LTS) version of AOS meaning the latest LTS version is now 5.15.1. Read more about difference between LTS & STS (Short Term Support) here.

As previously mentioned AOS can be released without a new version of Prism Central being released and that’s the case this time. You can manage AOS 5.15.1 with Prism Central, and

As with any dot release in the LTS tran it focuses on improvements to existing features and there are improvements in the following areas:

  • API Infra
  • AHV-Management
  • Cerebro
  • Data Protection
  • File Analytics
  • Flow
  • IAM
  • Infrastructure / Services
  • Licensing
  • Networking
  • Nutanix Files
  • Nutanix Guest Tools
  • Prism Central
  • Prism Gateway
  • Security
  • Stargate

A new version of AHV, the Nutanix hypervisor, was also released an latest version for LTS is now 20170830.412

As usual check Nutanix Software End Of Life document on a regular basis to keep you up to date.

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Enjoy the new versions and their capabilities.