Nutanix Calm Version 3.2 Released

Last week a new version of Nutanix Cloud Application Lifecycle Management (Calm) software was released meaning the latest and greatest version is now 3.2….

Same as with Calm 3.0 the 3.2 version comes with 9 new features and a lot of enhancements to existing features. My top one new feature is………………….

  • Calm Data Back up and Restore – YES!!!!
    • There is now an option to backup Calm data locally and restore to another PC.

Even if this was the only new feature it would have been good enough to release a new dot version. Backup and restore is critical and now i do not need to use a self baked python script to do it. Well done Calm team….

The other 8 new features are:

  • Allow Collaboration within Projects
  • Runbook Sharing across Projects
  • Redesigned Blueprint Launch Page
  • Virtual Machines as Targets in the Endpoint
  • Multiple Accounts and Environments in Projects
  • Snapshot and Restore of an Application VM on an Azure Platform
  • Synchronize Changes in Calm-Managed Clusters
  • Redesigned Marketplace

For now Calm 3.2 is supported on the following Prism Central (PC) versions:

  • PC.2020.11
  • PC.2020.11.0.1

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