Nutanix Calm Version 3.3 Released

Today, 2021-08-20, Nutanix released a new dot version of its multi-cloud application management framework Calm meaning the latest and greatest version is now 3.3.

As i trust you already know, Calm brings the following key functionalities to the table:

  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Native Self-Service
  • Multi-Cloud Orchestration
  • Unified VM & Container Management
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)
  • Application-as-Code (AaC)

For the 3.3 release the engineering team has been focusing on enhancing day-2 operations including:

  • Single VM apps
  • Multi-VM apps
  • Governance capabilities

In addition there has been performance improvements which will benefit enterprise use cases.

The following new features has been added:

  • Quota Limits at the Project Level which includes both Calm & Prism Central
  • Quota Checks for VMs that are not Managed by Calm – Including quota checks for both Calm and Prism Central VMs included in same Prism Central Project.
  • Update VM Configuration of Running Applications on Nutanix
  • Snapshot of Single-VM and Multi-VM Applications on Nutanix
  • Restore of Single-VM and Multi-VM Applications on Nutanix

For now Calm 3.3 is supported on the following Prism Central (PC) version:

  • PC.2021.7

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