Nutanix Calm Version 3.4 Released

Yesterday, 2022-03-08, Nutanix released a new dot version of its multi-cloud application management framework Calm meaning the latest and greatest version is now 3.4.

As i trust you already know, Calm brings the following key functionalities to the table:

  • IT Agility and Human Error Elimination
  • Unified Multi-Cloud Orchestration
  • Automated Self-Service with Centralized Control
  • Nutanix Marketplace
  • Cost Governance
  • Application Development and Modernization
  • Application Development and Modernization

The 3.4 release brings two major features in addition to resolved issues and feature enhancements.

  • Scheduling both Application actions & Runbook executions as recurring and or one-time jobs.

    Picture borrowed from Calm Administration and Operations Guide
  • External credential store for dynamic credential management mening you can define a third-party credential provider from which you can dynamically (at runtime) fetch the current credentials (password or SSH private key). The configuration requires a Credential Provider Account with an associated Credential Provider configuration.

    Picture borrowed from Calm Administration and Operations Guide

These are two very powerful and useful improvements

For now Calm 3.4 is supported on the following Prism Central (PC) version:

  • pc.2022.1

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