Nutanix Calm Version 3.5

With the new Calm 3.5 release we are getting a feature requested by more and more Nutanix customers and that is

—-Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Support—-

This is really great news and brings another layer of flexibility and security to your overall self-service solution driven by Calm. A tunnel virtual machine (VM) is required on the VPC network to achieve the management capabilities. There is a really good explanation about the concept in the Calm Administration and Operations User Guide РVPC Tunnels for Orchestration section  and the following figure will give you a pretty good idea of the logical components involved.

Picture borrowed from the Calm Administration 

In addition to the VPC support there is also a really good tech preview improvement (Do Not Use In Production) included regarding Approval Policies for the Policy Engine. This will allow administrators to provide better Governance with guardrails.

For now Calm 3.5 is supported on the following Prism Central (PC) version:

  • pc.2022.1.0.2

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