Nutanix Objects Version 3.5

Just a short while ago i wrote an introduction to Nutanix Objects blog post which you can find here and since then a new version of Objects has been released. The most current version is now 3.5 and it includes the following new features:

  • Kafka endpoint – Logging the notification events. You can add up to 10 Kafka Brokers as endpoints for Kafka.
  • New APIs Support for Bucket Tagging – PutBucketTagging, GetBucketTagging, and DeleteBucketTagging
  • Multi-target Replication – Replicate a bucket to up to three destination Buckes in the same Prism Central (PC) or in remote PCs.
  • Delete Operations Replication

Useful Links

  • Objects 3.5 Release Notes available here.
  • Objects 3.5 User Guide available here.
  • Objects 3.5 download available here. Use if you PC does not have internet connectivity.