Nutanix Database Service (NDB) Operating System Pacthing Rollback

Operating system patching is available via Nutanix Database Service (NDB) since version 2.5 for Linux based database servers virtual machine when running database engines Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. I just wanted to bring to your attention some additional information that was added to the NDB User guide around operating system patching yesterday, 2023-11-15, when it comes to patching rollback.

The following information is available in the NDB User Guide and the bold text is the newly added parts:

You can roll back a database server VM if the NDB OS patch operation fails.

  • Automatic rollback. NDB triggers automatic rollback if the OS patch operation fails. Automatic rollback is only available for OSes using package manager YUM to apply the OS patches.
  • Manual rollback. NDB takes a database snapshot before starting a patching operation. If the OS patch operation fails, you must manually restore using this snapshot.

If the NDB OS patch operation is successful but you encounter a problem with the applied patches you need to manually, from within the database server, rollback the applied patches.

Note: You must contact Nutanix Support before performing a manual rollback using the snapshot.

Hope this bring additional clarity to the operating system rollback capabilities provided by NDB.

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