Nutanix Database Service (NDB) Operator for Kubernetes

You might have seen and even tried out the Nutanix Database Service (NDB) operator for Kubernetes while it’s been under development for some time and now it’s made GA. The operator provides simplified database life-cycle management to K8, can run both inside and outside of K8 and includes the following capabilities with it’s initial release:

  • Provisioning & deprovisioning a single instance PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL databases with or without time machine capabilities.
  • Restore from Time Machine/ Snapshot via Clone for all the above database engines
  • Auto service creation for applications to consume the databases within Kubernetes

If you got the following pre-reqs in place you’re ready to to, just follow the instruction available here:

  1. Access to an NDB Server.
  2. A Kubernetes cluster to run against, which should have network connectivity to the NDB server.
  3. operator-sdk installed.
  4. A clone of the source code.
  5. Cert-manager (only when running in non OpenShift clusters).

Important: Picture borrowed from Nutanix demo

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