Nutanix Design Guide Announced

I know that all of you interested in Nutanix are aware of the Nutanix Bible written by the Nutanix guru Steve Poitras. It has been, & continues being since it’s constantly updated, a great source of technical information for as long as I have been interested in and working with Nutanix which is about six years.

Yesterday, 2019-04-24, another really good upcoming publication, The Nutanix Design Guide was announced. This is a collaboration between quite a few resources from both Nutanix and RoundTower Technologies and I want to point out two persons which deserves extra credit and those are:

  1. Angelo Luciani which is the organiser, man behind the scenes who has made this possible.
  2. The person contributing the most to the content which has been René van den Bedem (vcdx133). 


The Nutanix Design Guide will be released 7:th of May and to get a copy you will have two options:

  • Attend Nutanix .NEXT US in Anaheim and you’ll get a hard copy in your welcome kit
  • A downloadable link will be available the 7:th of May as well.


The table of contents is pretty impressive and you can look forward to read and learn about all the following sections.

  • Introduction To Nutanix
  • Why Nutanix?
  • The Nutanix Eco-System
  • Certification & Training
  • Design Methodology & The NPX Program
  • Channel Charter
  • Mission-Critical Applications
  • SAP On Nutanix
  • Hardware Platforms
  • Sizer & Collector
  • IBM Power Systems
  • Remote Office, Branch Office
  • Xi Frame & EUC
  • Xi IoT
  • Xi Leap, Data Protection DR & Metro Availability
  • Cloud Management & Automation: Calm, Xi Beam & Xi Epoch
  • Era
  • Karbon
  • Acropolis Security & Flow
  • Files
  • Volumes
  • Buckets
  • Prism
  • Life Cycle Manager
  • AHV
  • Move
  • X-Ray
  • Foundation
  • Data Center Facilities
  • People & Process
  • Risk Management

Listen to the Nutanix Podcast about the Nutanix Design Guide while waiting for it to be released.

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