VMware vRealize Automation 7.6 & More Released

Last week, 2019-04-11, VMware released a new version of vRealize Automation (vRA), formerly known as vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) meaning the latest & greatest vRealize Automation version is now 7.6.0.

Improvements and or new functionality in all the below following areas:

  • Network
    • You can configure both NSX-T & NSX-V to same vCenter Server endpoint meaning different NSX versions can be used with same vCenter Server (different vSphere Clusters).
    • NSX-V to NSX-T migrations
  • Installation and configuration updates including new VAMI summary page and additional configurable cluster health alerts.
  • Upgrade enhancements:
    • Bug fixes including small enhancements
    • Upgrade will back up all configuration files – This is pretty good if things falls off the cliff.
    • API improvements – fine grained progress reporting at API level
    • The upgrade flow where some steps can be configured for later execution
  • Customer Form improvements including e.g. support for RegEx

In addition to vRA 7.6 VMware also released vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) 7.6and it comes with new functionality and improvements in the the following areas:

  • The HTML5 based Orchestrator client where you can e.g.:
    • Manage you workflows (create, run, edit, and delete)
    • Create, edit, and delete actions and configuration elements
    • Take advantage of the new input forms
    • Debug & use auto completion for scrips
  • Troubleshooting
  • Role based access for vRA authenticated users

Heads up!

The following service APIs were removed from vRA.

  • Capacity Usage
  • Chargeback
  • Reclamation
  • Exporting reports to CSV, PDF, etc.

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