Nutanix ERA 1.1.1 Released

Yesterday, 2019-09-19, Nutanix released a new version of its database management & data copy solution, Nutanix Era, meaning latest and greatest version is now 1.1.1.

Apart from fixes which is normally what you put into dot dot releases there are some pretty nice new features and functionality you can take advantage of including:

  • Oracle
    • Support for Oracle 18c and 19c version
    • Create multiple clones for Oracle on a Single Database Server
    • Pre-Scripts and Post-Scripts for Oracle Patching
  • Create Custom Roles for Role Based Access Control
  • Specify Active Directory OU path during SQL Server provisioning
  • SQL Server support for Windows Server 2019
  • Improved delete opportunities and cleanup functionalities
  • Support for Parallel Log Copy Operation

Useful links

Era 1.1.1 Download

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