Nutanix ERA 1.2 Released

Yesterday, 2020-01-02, Nutanix released a new version of its database management & data copy solution, Nutanix Era, meaning latest and greatest version is now 1.2.

There are enhancements and or new features in the following areas:

  • Era Server
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server

One feature that I know, coming from an infrastructure background, will be much appreciated and used a lot is the High Availability for Era Repository. This allows you to enable High Availability for the Era repository and increasing your Era service uptime. It provides automatic recovery when:

  • Era Service Process is down
  • Era database is down
  • Era agent is down

Separate blog post to follow about this.

In addition, the following new functionality is also really good

  • SMTP integration – get email notifications for failed or successful operations
  • Schedule Oracle DB patching
  • Create Windows Domain Join
  • Active Directory groups are supported.
  • Improvements to Clone schedules
  • Improvements to UI e.g. separate Tabs for current and scheduled operations

And much more – read Era 1.2 Release Notes to cover it all.

Now upgrade time 🙂

Useful links

Era 1.2.0 Download

Era 1.2 Release Notes

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