Nutanix AOS & Prism Central Version 5.16 And More Released

Nutanix just released a new STS, short term support, version of AOS meaning the latest version is now 5.16.    Read more about difference between LTS & STS here. A 5.16 version of Prism Central was also released so this time their version numbers is an exact match.

AOS 5.10.9 comes bundled with the following software:

  • AHV 20190916.96 – If you upgrade AHV you can now use Lifecycle Manager (Nutanix LCM) to perform the upgrade.
  • Prism Central 5.16
  • Nutanix Cluster Check, NCC, 3.9.4.
  • Witness VM 5.16
  • AOS
  • Prism Central

The 5.16 release provides new features and improvements in the following areas.

  • AHV Management – Image management
  • API Infra
  • Data Protection – MAC address mgmt for ESXi based Nutanix clusters.
  • Flow
  • Infrastructure / Services
  • Lifecycle Manager (LCM)
  • Licensing
  • Nutanix Files
  • Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC)
  • Prism Central
  • Prism
    • Gateway
    • UI
  • Secure Boot Support for Node running AHV
  • Secure Boot Support for VMs
  • Security – Patches that applies to e.g. blktrace, curl, ghostscript, krb5, kernel, libssh2, libtiff OpenJDK, procps-ng, procps, python & top
  • Xi – License reporting
  • Xi Networking – REST API improvements.

The AOS and Prism Central releases supports same AHV version, 20190916.96, as AOS and Prism Central 5.16 and it also includes a lot of the security fixes from the 5.16 versions.

As usual check Nutanix Software End Of Life document on a regular basis to keep you up to date.

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Enjoy the new versions and their capabilities.