Nutanix ERA 2.0 Released

Happy to let you know what Era 2.0 has been release. There are a lot of new features and new functionality in Era 2.0 and i have been working with quite a few of them already.

The single most important new feature in my opinion is the Multi-Cluster Support

Era multi-cluster capability allows you to manage databases across multiple Nutanix clusters. The Era server runs in one Nutanix cluster and in the remote Nutanix clusters there is a Era VM (Era Agent) deployed  to manage, schedule, perform, and execute database operations of that cluster.

Read more about Era Multi-Cluster here

In addition to the Multi-Cluster support the below list contains new features and functionality

  • SAP HANA Support
  • Multiple Database Support for Oracle Databases
  • SQL Server Single-Node and AlwaysOn Availability Group (AG) Database Patching – Completely new way to patch MSSQL compared to earlier Era versions.
  • SQL Server Database Group Support – Single time machine creation for all the databases in a database server VM plus newly added databases are auto-discovered.
  • PostgreSQL Single Instance and High availability (HA) Instance Patching
  • PostgreSQL Single Instance Restore

Tech Preview Mode

As always – do not use tech previews in production environments

  • Oracle Single-Instance Database Restore


Supported Database Servers and Operating Systems Versions Picture borrowed from the Nutanix Era official documentation

Useful links

Era 2.0 Download

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ERA 2.0 User Guide

Njoy the new Era version ….