Nutanix ERA 2.1 Released

2021 is just a few days in and i already have some great news to share:)

Nutanix Era, the Nutanix database-as-a-service (DBaaS) solution version 2.1 has been released.

In Era version 2.0 Nutanix Multi-Cluster support was added meaning you could manage DB workloads across multiple Nutanix Clusters. There was an option to store DB snapshots:

  • Locally – in the Nutanix cluster where the DB VM holding the DB was running
  • Remote – in any other Nutanix cluster connected to the same Era instance.

Snapshots are usually created only a few (1-6) times per day meaning recovery point objective (RPO) across Nutanix clusters would be in the 4-24h range.

With Era 2.1 there is now an option to include Log Shipping, in addition to snapshot, to remote Nutanix clusters. This means you can decrease your RPO across Nutanix clusters dramatically since Era point in time restore (PITR) supports RPO of 15 minutes. This is great news…..

There are a lot of other functionality and enhancements added to Era 2.1 e,g.:

  • Multiple Databases per Instance is now supported for MariaDB, MySQL and Postgres.
    It’s already supported for MSSQL.
  • Oracle Single-Instance Database Restore.
  • PostgreSQL 12 Support.
  • Restore for SQL Server AG databases within the same Nutanix Cluster. Restore functionality requires all AAG Nodes (VMs) to be deployed in same Nutanix cluster.
  • Support for register a SQL Server Failover Cluster (FCI) Instance – Including Era Time Machine capabilities like Clone, Log Catchup, Refresh and snapshot.

Plenty of good stuff right ?


Supported Database Servers and Operating Systems Versions

Picture borrowed from the Nutanix Era official documentation

Useful links

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Njoy the new Era version ….