Nutanix Era ServiceNow Plugin Released

Some of you know that i have been involved in creating a Nutanix Era ServiceNow plugin for some time and today i’m happy to let you know that the plugin has been made available in the ServiceNow store as a certified app. The plugin is free of charge so make sure to download your copy and try it out:)

Picture borrowed from ServiceNow web page 

The plugin allows you to consume Era via ServiceNow without having to create your own ServiceNow Service Catalog Items meaning it is perfect for many environment and situations including:

  • Production
  • Development
  • Test
  • Stage
  • Proof of concept

The first release of the plugin comes with the following features:

  • Deploy/Provision a database
  • Inventory Sync in ServiceNow CMDB (Auto sync, Manual sync)
  • Database Cloning
  • Delete Clone with VM’s.
  • Delete Database with VM’s and Time Machines.

The plugin supports the following software versions:

  • Nutanix Era 2.1
  • ServiceNow Paris Release

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