Era – Automatically Append Domain Name to DB Server VM Name

I wanted to let you know about an improvement in Era which is really good for any customer deploying MSSQL DB Server VMs into more than one Windows Active Directory (AD) domain. In Era each DB Server VM (VM) needs a uniq name.

This is typically not a problem but in an environment where you deploy DB Server VMs to multiple ADs you might have same VM name in multiple ADs. Prior to Era version this has not been possible but now there is an option to append the domain name to the DB Server VM name provided during the deployment, defined in the UI as Database Server VM Name.

This is how it looks from the UI perspective. I provide mssqlNameTest01 as the Database Server VM Name and select the Domain Profile vcdx56.local which will join the VM to the vcdx56.local domain.

The result in Era will be a DB Server VM called mssqlNametest01.vcdx56.local

In Nutanix Prism Element the VM will be called mssqlNameTest01

This feature, which is either on or off, is not enabled by default since it’s not the typical use case. Follow the below steps to enable the feature.

  1. Access the Era VM via SSH or hypervisor VM console and log in as user era
  2. Edit the file /home/era/era_server_config/config/era.config and go to the line including append_domain_in_era_dbserver_name and change false to true so the end result looks like this:
    1. append_domain_in_era_dbserver_name=true
  3. Reload the era config by following the below steps:
    1. type era-config and press enter
    2. type config reload and the result should beĀ ** Era Server has successfully reloaded the configurations

That’s all – pretty good improvement to be included in a dot dot dot release:)