Nutanix Files 3.6 Released

A new version of Nutanix Files, formerly knowns and Nutanix Acropolis File Services (AFS), was released 2019-10-17 meaning the latest and greatest version is 3.6.0.

The following new features or enhancements to existing features are included in latest release:

  • File Blocking by specifying the extension. Applies to files server and or share.
  • SMB message encryption secures messages between the file server and client.
  • AOS NearSync is now available for Nutanix Files. Recovery Point Objective as low as 1 minute.
  • Multi-byte Support For Share Root (NFS). Files supports multibyte and Unicode character names for NFS exports and for multiprotocol shares.
  • Support Durable SMB File Handles meaning clients will survive (auto connect without a time out) a temporary connection loss.
  • Compression which as of today require AOS 5.11.1.
  • Support for Windows Server 2019 as a client for SMB share access and for join-domain operations. Improvements also include reduced permission requirements for join-domain delegated users.
  • Enable File server VM Scale-Up Recommendation

Nutanix Files Deployment – Figure Borrowed From Nutanix Official Documentation

As mentioned in previous blog posts Nutanix Files is the Nutanix file server and it currently supports the following protocols:

  • SMB 2.0
  • SMB 2.1
  • SMB 3.0
  • NFS v3
  • NFS v4

Nutanix Files has integration with third-party solutions for antivirus management. The following solutions are supported with Nutanix Files version 3.6:

  • Bitdefender Gravity Zone Security for Storage 6.6.1-6.6.2
  • Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server
  • McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage 1.2.0 and 1.3.0
  • Sophos for Network Storage, Endpoint Security and Control 10
  • Symantec Protection Engine 7.9.0

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