Nutanix Mine & Commvault

Yesterday, 2021-08-02, Nutanix made the announcement that Nutanix Mine is now available with Commvault which has been a long time data protection player for Nutanix based environments. Back in 2016 i worked with Commvault for the first time and create, together with my colleague Dwayne Lessner, the Nutanix & Commvault Best Practices document. In March 2018  i added Commvault to another Nutanix official document, Data Protection for AHV Based VMs.

Picture borrowed from official Nutanix website

Nutanix Mine is a concept/solution that focuses on application availability via a common platform and not just backup and restore of the business data.

Nutanix Mine with Commvault will not just make backup and recovery simple, intelligent, and invisible but also enables customers to:

  • Meet the most stringent RTO/RPO SLAs with strict consistency
  • Protect against ransomware by combining the Nutanix Mine WORM capability for immutable backups with Commvaults multiple layers of protection control
  • Improve security posture by combining Nutanix’s hardened platform security with Commvault’s built in AI/ML driven anomaly detection, air-gapping, and data validation
  • Converge backup, recovery, and archival in a single turnkey solution
  • Seamlessly connect to public cloud for long term data retention
  • Start small and scale as your data footprint grows – This aligns with the Nutanix webscale concept
  • Streamlining the customer support experience