Nutanix Objects Version 4.0

A new major version of Nutanix Objects (Objects) has been released meaning latest and greatest version is now 4.0. As you know, Objects is a software-defined Object Store Service which you can consume & managed via both standard S3 APIs and Prism Central. It covers use cases such as data storage for cloud-native application, backups including NDB log files, and long-term retention.

Version 4.0 comes with the following key features

  • Federation / Global Namespace for Objects – Several independent systems can share the same common namespace (naming system)
  • Objects deployment in a NC2 based cluster
  • Replication improvements – UI improved, Replication within and between name spaces and, replication performance improved.
  • Automatic navigation meny redesign when using Application Switcher

Useful Links

  • Objects 4.0 Release Notes available here.
  • Objects 4.0 User Guide available here.
  • Objects 4.0 download available here. Use if you PC does not have internet connectivity.