Vembu BDRSuite v5.6

Vembu Technologies, also known as just Vembu, has release version 5.5 of their BDRSuite which is a solution providing  Backup & Restore plus Disaster Recovery capabilities for on-prem and many public cloud solutions.

New features

  • Active Directory (AD) integration when adding data sources including both servers (Linux & Windows) and endpoints (Linux, Mac, Windows).
  • Add Servers and Endpoints through AD/LDAP Server
  • Multi-tenancy support for Endpoints, File and Folder Backups
  • Integrated management of Mac Endpoints meaning they can be managed via the centralized backup server.
  • Create backup job Templates which can be applied to entities (Endpoints, File and Folder). This is limiting the need to configure a backup policy every time a new entity is added.
  • Use Linux BDRSuite Backup Server to backup and restore Microsoft machines.

Feature Enhancements

In addition to the new features there are also quite a lot of enhancements to existing features including for example:

  • Microsoft 365
    • Microsoft 365 backup support for permanently deleted mails and litigation hold items
    • Users can now choose the Azure Environment (Azure Default Cloud, Azure US Government clouds, Azure China) while adding a Microsoft 365 Organization
    • Users can now add Microsoft 365 Organization with Certificate Based MS Graph API authorization instead of Application secret Key
    • Where-it-left-off feature support for Microsoft 365 user mailbox
  • Users can now schedule an on-demand incremental backup for a specific host(s), VM(s) and also for failed host(s) / VM(s) in a backup job
  • List of all Protected host(s) / VMs in the BDRSuite Backup Server for Host/VM level backup and direct restore.
  • End-user self recovery via BDRSuite’s MS Outlook addon and end-user login for SaaS application backup
  • Deleted items retention handling for OneDrive, Group OneDrive and Sharepoint Sites
  • Backup speed optimization for OneDrive, Group OneDrive and Sharepoint Sites
  • Backup parallel limit & queue/retry mechanism for endpoints
  • Users can now search for specific Backups / VMs from the reports page
  • Enhanced filter option in List Jobs / Recovery pages to search in name of backups, and filter by the status of backup
  • End-user restore based on Online Authorization for SaaS applications

Vembu Backup Server Requirements

  • 64-bit support only
  • CPU / vCPU
    • 8 recommended
    • 4 minimum
  • Memory
    • 16 GB memory recommended
    • 8 GB memory minimum
  • Network
    • 1 Gbps minimum
  • Operating System
    • Microsoft Windows
      • Windows Server 2022 (specific versions)
      • Windows Server 2019 (specific versions)
      • Windows Server 2016 (specific versions)
      • Windows Server 2012 R2 (specific versions)
      • Windows Server 2012 (specific versions)
      • Windows 11 & 10 (specific versions) for evaluation purposes
    • Ubuntu
      • 22.04 LTS
      • 20.04 LTS
      • 18.04 LTS

Useful Links

As you can see, many new and enhanced capabilities with the BDRSuite 5.6 release, njoy….